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Girl’s face unclear but 4th clip shows her ordeal: Court The survivor told the court that the accused made her unconscious and took her to an abandoned house before filming the crime.

“There is an old saying that a witness can lie, but not a document,” the court said, noting the contents of the video clips brought on record. However, as she is less than 18 years, her consent is immaterial,” additional sessions judge Pritam Singh said.The youth was accused of raping the survivor on several occasions before and after December 2014.The survivor said that she was stalked both while going to and coming back from school.The court found contradictions in the survivor’s deposition in relation to the time when the accused had taken her to the dilapidated house.“However, the video clips proved that the accused had not only made obscene video of the child victim but also made illegal sexual relations with her on December 27, 2014,” the court observed.

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