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Our four principal speakers break into the For and Against camps, and will set out their case for consideration by their peers.

On the Yea side we have Very Wor Bro John Hamill, Deputy Grand Chancellor, Past Librarian and Curator of The Library and Museum in Great Queen Street, and a Past Master of Lodge Quatuor Coronati.

Or more likely, it is some brainless troll trying to gain more kudos for his ramblings, as he tries to impersonate, a man who deceased some 55 years ago.

Here we find a true exponent of Fake News, a man dismissive of the sterling charitable works carried out by all the Masons within the three home Constitutions and a fascist revisionist trying to deny the truth about the Holocaust.

One interesting fact about this Committee is that, over the years it has carefully refrained from any general appeal for funds, but as its work expanded, it has welcomed donations from Brethren, individual Irish Lodges and Provincial Lodges throughout the Island of Ireland.

Another important fact, is that, although still relatively unknown by the majority of our Brethren, it has a proud record of supporting deserving cases in every Masonic Province in Ireland.

His book, which is still available on Amazon is a work of great insights, stinging wit and sincerity, which reveals the Craft does indeed have an important role in the world of the 1950’s.

I have no doubt that his arguments and conclusions remain valid right up to the present time.

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Hanna was an Anglican Vicar, in the High Church tradition with The Church of England, and his work caused much embarrassment to the then Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher, several senior members of the Royal Family and many, many lower ranking Anglican Clerics.

William Morrow, as Vice Chair took over the meeting on completion of the election, and on behalf of the Committee, thanked our Most Wor Grand Master for giving up his Saturday and Six Nation Rugby, to travel all the way up to Belfast for today’s meeting.

He then closed the meeting, after inviting all present to join him next door for a light lunch provided by Johnny Grayson and his team from Grayson Catering.

There is no need to take my word on any of this as these historical records are still available to those with the interest to look.

As the Rev Walton Hanna has been dragged in to this debate, it is only fair to refer anyone interested to his seminal work “Darkness Visible”.

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