Is not dating in high school bad interracial dating and family

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I read (and never retained) all the makeup tips even though I barely wore makeup until college.I ate up all of those tragic stories about pregnant high school class presidents, bulimic prom queens and disabled cheer captains.That other person, that can give you butterflies just by getting caught in the corner of your eye, can change your whole perspective and even the opportunity to achieve genuine happiness.When two people are together in high school, they start to realize they no longer have the dreaded feeling of being alone.The day that the legitimacy of the so-called best years of your life rests on whether or not you made out with that cute dude in your 10th grade chemistry class or had a prom date is the day that I officially give up on the universe. So remember, it’s okay if you don’t have a boyfriend in high school.Your worth and your experiences aren’t dependent on your relationship status when you’re a teenager.While dating and having relationships are a part of a high school student’s life and a part of becoming a mature young adult, there are many downsides to having a serious boyfriend or girlfriend during your high school career. Our sights should be set on our futures, whether that means preparing ourselves for college or heading straight into a profession.When one is in a serious relationship these goals are often put aside and the focus on academic success becomes secondary.

This is especially true when they feel, for whatever reasons, they cannot confide in their family (and not all families are loving and supportive). When you need someone to laugh with, cry on, yell at, or sit and say nothing with, you will know exactly who to go to.A significant other won’t care what you two are doing, as long as you are together.No matter what you spend your time doing, a thoughtful boyfriend or girlfriend will be supportive in every way possible.Your special someone will be cheering for you and will always be proud to call you theirs.

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