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🌈 @ACLU_OR reached a sweeping settlement for LGBT students who were tormented and forced to read the Bible, which will require: ✓ Removal of the principal and school police officer ✓ Working with the ACLU to develop new policies and train staff ✓ 5 years of state oversight #Lupe Valdez “The former Dallas County sheriff, became the first Hispanic female and first openly gay person to win a major party's gubernatorial nomination in Texas.” @dallasnews #Latinx #LGBTQ…“Terminology: The term #bisexual was first used in the nineteenth century to refer to hermaphroditic species—those having both male and female reproductive organs.By 1914, it had begun to be used in the context of sexual orientation.” [email protected] Rohrabacher's belief that #LGBTQ people do not deserve legal protection from housing discrimination is unconscionable and out of touch with the views of everyday Americans. #Grati Tuesday #The Last Sip is one of my favorite new programs.Subscribe and tune in for a fantastic interview between @thelastsipnews host @imarajones and executive director of @Color Of Change @rashadrobinson!! No law requires this — separating parents and children is your administration’s choice.

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    Having a second party tell vouch for you is more believable, but being able to On the other hand, if your friend tells you about the incredibly lavish party they went to at Nerd Love Manor (aka: the Gatsby Gambit) last weekend, you’re more inclined to believe that yes, I am a millionaire with a mansion and a yacht.

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    Elliott To see a list of all episodes, complete with a player listing all episodes, go HERE This post contains the SHOW NOTES for Episode Number 9!!! Contains a heartfelt story of how to win a night with a girl by invoking the Pope’s greatness (honestly) Continue reading Welcome to the Mean Lady Talking Podcast This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss.

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    02/19/2018Stephan Kovacs - Current Grand Island resident, GIHS class of 1978.