Jill bennett dating cathy

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Dog owners please tell me that this is not a common practice. If you watch the one where they reenacted the Bangs/Spencer slap down you'd see it.That's why I could never believe that Jill (I shower 3 times a day and have a 4 step cleaning process) would ever date Cathy. Don't know if Jamie got the dog in the split, since it hasn't been seen in awhile, but that doesn't mean Jill hates them.Some fans got upset because they thought she was out of line to ask for money and that Jill&Dara&Karman would never asked the fans to give them money. Hey Everyone, Im super super extra bummed to announce that "Whats YOUR Problem? but have no fear - I will have her back and we will do it all over again for you guys...well, Cathy I maybe shouldn't be getting involved with this but I'm still going to.A few girls( or boys) wrote that they will not give the money to Cathy but that they would give it to Jamie and her band Vixtrola in a heartbeat. One of my closest friends is Tracy, the woman Cathy dated.I remember reading one of Cathy's posts in Jill's fan forum where she asked posters to give 00 a pop in exchange for a poker night with her and Jill so she could finance her Slate&Kelly project. Ive run into obstacles this week and Im doing my best to overcome them.She was using her friendship with Jill to use her fans. Im hoping to get the new episode up by early to mid week... It unfortunately wont be Cathy Shims episode as the tech issues with that one make it a wash...It prevented me from "enjoying" what I am assured by AE readers was a very intense episode. It's probably the most adult thing on AE at the moment but I have a problem with the overall premise. One minute she can be solemnly hitting us with psycho babble, the next fawning, as others have said, over her guests.In the first few vlogs in particular, it seemed like Cathy had decided that her life was the perfect lesbian fairytale or something and the one we should all live by: come out whatever the cost, leave your hometowns, move to the (American) coasts and find a "community". It was all endlessly dull to a European country girl like myself. Though I am grateful that unlike other vloggers she (or Lucia) takes the time to edit her videos and tries to give them a little structure.

She was originally hired as Dax's (Terry Farrell) photo-double.

I would check out the bird food, it might be the original source. And I was horrified when Marnie said she got a bite from a moth. And I got to admit, I don't understand the concept of showering and bathing with your dog.

Maybe it's because I'm more of a cat lover.

I like Cathy's vlog because she has great guests on. A lot of the time you end up with little and have to start over again.

But I'll agree her apartment is a bit of a disaster for my tastes. I like Cathy but she really needs to do something about that moth infestation.

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