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Effect of Physical Activity, Social Support and Skills Training on Late-Life Emotional Health: A Systematic Literature Review and Implications for Public Health Research” , 41:5S-9S.

Developing a Framework and Priorities to Promote Mobility Among Older Adults.

Weight change trajectories after incident lower-limb amputation.

Medicare‐VHA dual use is associated with poorer chronic wound healing.

Financial and Health Barriers and Caregiving-Related Difficulties Among Rural and Urban Caregivers.

In Walking: Connecting Sustainable Transport with Health (pp. Screening for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Civilian Emergency Department Population with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Setting the Stage: Cancer Prevention among Adults Aged 45 to 64. H., Bradley, C., Liaw, W., Rothemich, S., Slonim, A., Benson, W.

Electronic Information Standards to Support Obesity Prevention and Bridge Services Across Systems, 2010–2015. Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program authors are in bold face.

The prevalence and validity of high, biologically implausible values of weight, height, and BMI among 8.8 million children.

Parental Characteristics and Reasons Associated With Purchasing Kids’ Meals for Their Children.

Professional and Scientific Articles from Healthy Aging Program Authors – view bibliographies by year Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program authors are in bold face. Cancelliere C, Coronado VG, Taylor CA, Xu L (2017). Non-Isolated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Treated in Emergency Departments in the United States, 2006–2012: Sociodemographic Characteristics.

Bouldin, E., Trivedi, R., Reiber, G., Rosland, A., Silverman, J., Krieger, J., & Nelson, K. Associations between having an informal caregiver, social support, and self-care among low-income adults with poorly controlled diabetes. Bouldin, E., Wong, E., Liu, C., Littman, A., Taylor, L., Rice, K., & Reiber, G. Chronic wound care utilization among Veterans using VHA and Medicare. Bouldin ED, Shaull L, Andresen EM, Edwards VJ, Mc Guire LC.

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