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Then Antarctica, India and Australia separate from Africa.

Antarctica moves to the south, while India and Australia drift north and east.

By about 2500 BC the people here have as yet no corn, but they cultivate squash, gourds and chili.

They also grow cotton, from which they weave a coarse cloth.

The Ice Ages play an essential part in mankind's advance from Asia into both Australia and America.

Finally north America splits from Europe and Asia (though remaining almost linked at its northern tip), thus forming the Atlantic ocean and completing the disposition of the continents as we know them.

During the next 5000 years, while the glacial period continues, humans penetrate far into South America.

The retreat of the ice caps (see Ice Ages) makes northern regions increasingly habitable both for large animals and for the humans who prey on them.

The Olmecs represent the beginning of civilization in central America.

They are followed, about three centuries later, by the earliest civilization of south America - the Chavin culture of Peru.

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