Lenth of dating before marrige

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I was attending a close friend’s wedding at the Harvard Club of New York, an elegant “Harvard on Harvard” marriage.When the bride threw the bouquet, the cluster of single women immediately jumped away from it and the unclaimed bouquet landed on the floor.I believe it may have ricocheted off my hand, because someone handed me the bouquet (now that I think of it, I realize I was, in fact, the next to get married).This bouquet toss experience was illuminated when I reviewed responses to the open-ended question “At what age or stage of life do you feel is the optimal time to get married and why?

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A later age of marriage and a more lengthy courtship explains in some part the high levels of marital satisfaction reported within my well educated sample of respondents. They are starting to establish themselves in the working world, they are still maturing emotionally. If two people really love each other and are committed, why not wait a few years to get married?Plus you can usually afford a better wedding and honeymoon. You have had “fun” as a young adult, established your independence socially and professionally, and you really know yourself better.Until God brings you that person, you’re not going to date at all.You’re just going to live for yourself and for God until you meet the person you recognize as your soulmate.

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