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Now, it’s time to adjust to their favourite communication channel as well!Don’t make your clients switch windows, tabs or channels – talk with them via Facebook Messenger. Let them reach you anytime and anywhere, both on mobile and desktop.Provide real-time support via Live Chat & Facebook Messenger integration and make your customers feel you are always where they need your customer service.This will assist in providing a clear video live chat image (which is not pixelated) where the representative’s face is clear in the video.Lighting should not be too strong in order not to interfere with the representative’s comfort or usage of the computer.

Appropriate lighting that allows the representative’s face to be seen clearly is recommended.

The representative will be seen clearly while not being positioned too close.

The customer should be seeing the representative at some distance – not in a close-up on the representative’s face.

Live Chat agent can be 10 times more effective than a phone agent, without losing on quality.

With the help of pre-defined responses, chat history and 3rd-party tool integrations, you don’t need to worry about extra costs and efforts – just focus on providing best support. More than 1,8 billion users use Facebook Messenger, Whats App and other chat apps monthly.

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