Long distance dating gift ideas

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They also need to communicate clearly in writing (since e-mail and instant messaging are the new standard for daily communication) and should be willing to suggest ideas, ask for and offer help, make decisions, and collaborate.Below are a few suggestions for setting up a remote work arrangement.After studying dozens of virtual teams, including groups at BP, Nokia, and Ogilvy & Mather, researchers at the London Business School recommend the following: Recruit volunteers.Look within the company for volunteers to lead a new committee or research a new opportunity, rather than just assigning such tasks.Managers who run dispersed teams successfully share several traits.They work a lot, they travel — some more than half the time — and they thrive on their work and the culture they’ve created.

Whether your employees are in other company offices, working from home, or a little bit of both, these tips will help keep your team running smoothly.

For more tips, see href=" and Inspiring a Dispersed Team. Extroverts and idea people tend to like tasks that require frequent and ongoing communication.

Make sure they’re in an office with teammates they can collaborate with.

Specify when and how much a person may need to work, times they need to be available, performance objectives, and frequency of in-person meetings.

This codifies expectations and provides something tangible for your employee to refer back to. At least a few times a year, ask what’s working and what’s not, then make changes if necessary. Even if a person is meeting deadlines and producing quality work, they may be unhappy if you hear from them less and less.

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