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See Importing a library to Spotfire Analyst for analyzing action logs for instructions on downloading and using the visualization.My client, a financial services provider, has their software deployed at 500 clients.SQL fragmentation is when indexes and catalogs become heavily fragmented. To keep SQL performing optimally, it is good practice to rebuild indexes and full text catalogs on a routine basis.The installation kit also includes an Information Services model and an analysis file, which you can use to gain insight into the usage of the system.

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SQL is unaware of being virtualized and can suffer severe performance issues if the virtualized memory it is using is not backed by dedicated physical memory.There are a couple of requirements: Is there already a framework ( other than Microsoft Sync Framework which uses triggers on the database ) which would help with developing this data synchronization system?Are there any good books/articles to read on multi-tenant systems or data synchronization which provide some good points on how to create a system like this?Note: The paths shown above are default paths and may have been modified in your installation.The following recommendations for configuring the antivirus client for the IIS role are taken from WINDOWS ANTIVIRUS EXCLUSION RECOMMENDATIONS (Helmick, 2014).

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