Minneapolis worst city for dating

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% married: 25th % with kids: 3rd lowest Places to meet: 8th highest A whopping 48% of people are married in Roseville, which means your chances of finding love are more diminished. That means that there’s a good chance that all of the ‘extra’ single people out there who aren’t married are also kid free.

"People here are almost never members of just one site," Page says.

From what we’ve been able to gather from internet stereotypes, most people in Minnesota are very friendly to your face, but like to keep their distance.

For instance, even though people at the office have been going to the Prince concert year after year, it will be years before you’ve officially invited.

We’re just assuming most people would find that…complicates relationships. The hardest place to meet someone in Roseville might be at church.

There are far fewer churches per capita here than in any other city on this list except for Bloomington.

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