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So very, very painful around the head and especially around the very sensitive entrance to the urethra! He knows I am going to do it, he knows his begging is pointless but it is so terrible for him, he pleads anyway. The second example, when there are no nettles to hand, and he is already secured for a few hours of sensory deprivation bondage.Before the blindfold is fitted, as you followers know, I always apply some ‘lovely’ ointment to his clitty which I first make hard. But if he sees me pick up the Linnex applicator (which seriously burns and for a much longer duration than any other ointment), the pointless begging starts, even though he knows I will not change my mind. The final example, and perhaps the most enjoyable, pointless, heartfelt begging. Bells on pink, frilly ankle and wrist cuffs, tinkle when he moves.It took only a couple of pages before my clitty was twitching, and Mistress was having none of it. “Oh my Tiffany dear, you are a glutton for punishment, are you not ? It is strange, but i do find the initial clitty discipline always makes me hard, only decreasing as Mistress punishes it further.On returning to my reading, i found it hard to concentrate as my clitty hurt and burned.(I know there are a few very quiet subs who barely ever plead. I would adore help on this.) Sometimes there will be no heartfelt pleading because the sub knows that there is no point as the terrible thing will happen anyway, whether they plead or not. The first is when I have used nettle leaves to ‘dust’ the shaft of his clitty.BUT, what a delicious joy when they still beg with all their hearts, despite knowing there is no point and the terrible thing will happen anyway, because the terrible thing is so terrible they cannot help themselves but to pointlessly beg. He is moaning and writhing but then I hold his clitty upright, foreskin back and show my intention to ‘dust’ the exposed head of his clitty with the nettles.

Or being put into inescapable chastity and only getting proper orgasms very rarely.

So my point: pitiless cruelty is sooooooo important.

Showing mercy is unhelpful when you are a Domme seeking to have your sub deeply in awe of you, addicted to you and feeling content overall.

Following on from yesterday’s post really: When a Domme is utterly relaxed and untroubled in the face of serious, desperate pleading from her submissive, the status difference and supremacy are really brought home.

And the simple word, ‘nope’, is a wonderful word in such circumstances.

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