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Thank you Lorraine Gordon Thomas Hall My husband is searching for any information or a picture of his father.

His father Thomas Hall was a RAF navigator during WWII he did fly in a Lancaster bomber. Later he became a engineer and worked in Poland to control and check cloth machines around (1970) there he got an accident and was flew back to England with a head injury.

RAF Leeming football team 1950-52 I'm looking for anyone who was at RAF Leeming in their football team I was there from 1950-1952 I would love to make contact with anyone from those times as I have happy memories from those days.

My contact number is 01904 470038 Many thanks Eric Taylor.

Eric Harvison - Joint creator of our Corner Studio Clive Preece - He whom I would waken for his working shift! Anyone who did Trade Training (already Typists) at Hereford about that same time. Love to hear from you WRAF I'm looking for ex WRAFs who joined in September 1967 and were in E flight Salmon block numbers beginning 2847. It's our 50th anniversary and I've only found 1 from our flight. Sylvia James Gilmour I'm looking for my uncle James Gilmour who was an aircraftman stationed at RAF Waddington after November 1945. Any information about him would be gratefully received, Kind regards Karen Powell Roger Paulo I am looking for a man called Roger Paulo. He was a friend of my mothers whose name was Linda Stone.

He was originally from Michigan, he had a friend called Smudge, and used to live off base.. I have only 1 photograph of him in a social group in his RAF uniform. I shared a flat with him in 1967 to 1969 in Rugby Warwks and have just restored the MGA he sold me then. Andy Tel 07801179883 or email [email protected] I'm currently working on a series about the Cold War for BBC Radio 4 documentaries.

We are sure he past away because he was /- 60 years old in 1970 but love to see his picture and my husbands siblings. Anyone with any information please contact us: Greetings Wendy & Piotr Goslawski Mobile phone: 0031683530531 Sumatra 201 2721 GJ Zoetermeer The Netherlands [email protected] Mc Neil I am trying to trace an RAF Technician called James Mc Neil who served in the late 1950s.

He was friends with Peter Waters and spent some time with him in Leeds.

He was once stationed with the RAF in Cyprus then eventually transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany around 1967 - 1968. The daughter Maureen probably married so now has a different surname but there is also a son, Maureen's younger brother, Robert.

If anyone can help in tracing this family I would be most grateful.

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