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On the sticker it states that the remix is by Dopplereffekt but on the label it reads less sensationally, ’Heinrich Mueller Remix‘.

The sound is pure Mueller during this Der Zyklus period. v=Nm WB7A0v NO8 - Le Car - ‘Cinematic-Automatic’ (Heinrich Muller Remix) (Intuit-Solar 12” 1999) You can find this on ‘Comin from tha D’ (instalment 3.0).

Maybe, owing to the new name he was thinking of exploring this sound?

One thing about them which is consistent with his future approach to remixes is that they are basically his own creation, being whole new tracks and not remixes in the normally accepted sense. v=_xx Wj_SR9oc - Hell - ‘Suicide Commando’ (Translation Mix) Translated by: Heinrich Mueller (Disko B/V2 12" 1998) You can find this on the Hell 12” and CD single ‘Suicide Commando’. This mix also comes from the same period when he began to work with Hells International DJ Gigolo’s label when they released the debut Der Zyklus 12" the same year.

For some reason the slightly shorter 'Prototype 2' comes first on side B of the 12".

This was the only time this extremely Germanic sounding pseudonym was used by Heinrich Mueller.

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