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Long commutes, traffic jams, and the quest for a parking space eat up time. Your safety’s at risk—for the first time in decades, the number of auto fatalities is increasing across the US.

And owning a car is expensive, especially in urban areas.

We’d be able to answer—even if absorbed in the latest issue of Today, that seems like a science fiction dream. Imagine the level of buzz when they are combined, in the form of shared autonomous electric vehicles (SAEVs). Such a change will have an enormous impact on health, safety, and quality of life in cities: Traffic accidents and fatalities will be reduced by nearly two-thirds. Cities can repurpose millions of square feet once used for parking to new green spaces or commercial uses while securing more affordable mobility and accessibility for elderly, disabled, and low-income people.

Finally, we translated that adoption rate into total vehicle impact by taking into account average annual miles driven and the average lifetime of both conventional vehicles and SAEVs.

This is, in many ways, a story about convergence: A convergence of technologies that makes SAEVs not just economically feasible but economically enticing.

In fact, we believe these convergences will ultimately change the world.

For Consumers, SAEVs Will Bring Benefits Too Compelling to Ignore It’s becoming less and less appealing to own and operate a car, particularly in a city.

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