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You'll find over a million words of free romantic fiction here, read by thousands of readers across the world. My newly finished novels are posted a chapter a month for free at Judith, and for those who don't want to wait, as for-pay, completed novels at Amazon.Join my announcement list to be notified when I post each new chapter!"I admit that I do not get involved with many stories and only once have I ever looked forward to reading an author's next book.

I have grown to love the feeling that you incorporate into your stories and Terry's Journey promises to move you further into a skill that is becoming so very honed. God Bless you..." - "My whole world came to a full stop, when I opened up my email and saw that the 1st chapter of Terry's Journey was ready.I don't have a release date to give, but when it's ready, I'll let you know on my website and through my announcement list. When Matt arrives at Beth's Garden Nursery to ask for a job, he meets its beautiful owner, and over time, finds something he hadn't expected.Surrounded by plants with fancy names, all Matt has to offer is a scarred heart-- that, and homegrown dandelions.I sat ready fighting the urge to scan down to the bottom of the page. " - "Dear Sarah Fall, I know you must've heard this many a times, but still I would like to say that I love your full-length novels.I have been enjoying your monthly written chapters for the past 3 years and I love it! Every month on the 15th, no matter how much of a tough study schedule I have, I would make time to sit on the computer and read another much anticipated chapter of your thrilling novels.

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