Online dating leads divorce

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Sadness feels weak and men often experience humiliation when they feel weak. This tough guy stance may come out with friends and family who try to support the bereaved man, pushing them away.The message can be “I don’t have a problem, I can handle this fine on my own”.Anger and denial interfere with the ability to heal from the loss and, eventually, to form new relationships.We all know people who have been separated for long periods (sometimes years) who are difficult to be with because they remain focused on their anger at a former spouse.Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear men say that they have thought of suicide, usually for the first time in their lives.That men can have extreme reactions should not come as a surprise.A high price is paid for that momentary sense of power; further isolation and often further despair.A greater toll is taken when the anger leads to a more complicated divorce or when children are exposed to the toxicity of a parent’s hostility.

Of course violence is not the most common response to the loss of a relationship but we are all familiar with the many other coping strategies that are less than helpful.If there were major failings in the woman, why did he choose her and what about himself allowed him to stay?Acceptance of his own role in this life calamity will help him to avoid problems with the next relationship.Anger also interferes with the ability to adapt and grow.To form good relationships men need to learn from the relationship that is ending. In what way can he be a better husband or boyfriend in the future.

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