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He has been suspended by the Conservative Party but will still appear on the ballot paper as a Tory on Thursday as the deadline for withdrawing candidates passed last month.

In response, the Enfield Conservatives posted on Facebook on April 16: 'The posts by David Boston are unacceptable and have been removed.

David Boston suggested it was a way to 'stay safe lads' but was condemned for Islamophobia after sharing the post on Facebook.

Mr Boston, the candidate for Enfield Council's Turkey Street ward, also shared on Facebook a 'twisted misfits' post which said: 'I envy guys for gettin to say ''suck my d***'' as sort of a ''f*** you.'' If I shouted ''lick my v*****'' I'd have like 47 tongues in my pants.'The posts were all originally made by other people and shared by the candidate into his feed.

And both groups had relatively large – and growing – shares of liberal Democrats: 27% of Millennials and 21% of Gen Xers identified as liberal Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.

To be sure, as a grand strategy, “America first” is headed for failure.

Since World War II, the country’s exceptional mission has centered on the idea of a Pax Americana upheld through the vigorous export of U. But it retained allure in the heartland and is today making a comeback across the political spectrum as Americans have tired of their nation’s role as the global policeman and grown skeptical of the benefits of globalization and immigration.

() The share of liberal Democrats in the public has grown.

In 2016, 21% of Americans identified as Democrats or Democratic leaners and also as liberal.

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