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Some of most solid guys I call "friends" are from those parts & what I know for sure is that human nature is the same where-ever you go.I also know that these guys often endure tremendous guilt-trips about their M2M feelings. Like a lot of guys, -I'm secretly Bi, but play the straight card. While there are lots of "fetish" groups, this really isn't one.

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Whatever your "slice of G0YDOM", we want you to feel included, but not constrained by the feel of the hard-line'd brand of g0y ideology that some think exists on the main g0y's site located at & a full allotment of text.Saunas were great after sports or working out because of the bareskin-factor. The fact is that 2 out of every 3 guys likes scoping hott guys. I figured it out early: If you don't give/take "it" up the arse, then you're N0T "GAY".Aggression, erections, muscles, sports, sweat, strength, sexdrive & testosterone: MALE. What's nuts is that we live in a culture where people automatically think about "butt-phuck'n" when someone says "g Ay" - so we're staying away from the 'g Ay' label!Q: "What's the difference between a straight and gay guy? " LOTS of guys know that the "joke" contains an element of truth!But, most guys don't relate to the stereotypes of the term "GAY" at all, because it has "UNmasculine" stigmas inferred by the mere use. There's nothing like having friends like Amish & Mennonite neighbors to give the term "A roll in the hay" some real meaning for guys growing up in Amish country.

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