Piss and love woodman collection updating

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The bayonet cover I don’t have as I hardly ever did anything with Man’s Action as there was very little to interest me inside no matter how enticing the covers. I thought the cover was terrific way back when and was quite disappointed with the story, which was one of the first I started to rewrite.If you wish to ask about anything specific don’t hesitate to email me. I took the liberty of making a Happy New Year pic with a picture that was posted some days ago.Further, at some point I do want to contribute to the GIMP Comics section.I was working on something a while back, but I wasn't happy with how it was turning out.(She was dragged naked and screaming to the torture mound.) There was very little in the way of mainstream movies.A number of year ago (at least 10, perhaps 15) I discovered that Ebay had offerings of the magazines I enjoyed 40 years before.All I do remember is that I thought the story was poor.If you have the issue info or even the name of the story I can probably find it but probably don’t have anything useful to you.

I have a little over 40 stories reworked to greater or lesser degrees, some of which I cannot find easily due to misfiling. The problem is that when I go to submit them I find things I want to change or add to my original edits and this most often takes a lot of time, so it is not merely a case of shooting them off to Ralphus. The one of the girl bound to the mattress I recognize but don’t remember any of the info.

Everyone is free to make up their own version of what comes next.

You are correct that most of my work is for pay these days, however I always post the cover of my sets here, as well as doing an image every 13th of the month and several Holidays, so look in the archives if you have missed anything.

I do not know if it will actually decapitate her, but it is not going to do her any good.

But the victim can see the block looming overhead, and see the laser weakening the chain holding the block overhead.

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