Presentation about online dating Chat and exchange pictures

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► There was a control condition with no pretense of dating.

► Men self-presented deceptively when expected a date.

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Cost - All the best online dating sites cost money to join so you'll have to spend a little extra money when going about it this way 5.

Chance to meet people you normally wouldn't meet - arguably the best advantage of online dating - acts as a kind of hub for single people looking to date. Save time - straight to the point by collecting like-minded people who are interested in finding dates. Stigma - no real downside to this disadvantage other than it being potentially embarrassing for some people. Safety - Caution and common sense should always be used in online dating4.

Results indicated that, compared to baseline measures, male participants increased the amount they self-presented when anticipating a future interaction with a prospective date.

Specifically, male participants emphasized their positive characteristics more if the potential date was less salient (e.g., email meeting) compared to a more salient condition (e.g., face-to-face meeting) or the control conditions.

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