Quasar Kodi Addon – How To Install Quasar on Kodi

In this article we will tell you how better to install Quasar Kodi Addon. Quasar is very famous and  the most popular torrenting addons for Kodi on the web. So, Quasar can give you to begin watching a video torrent file before it’s finished downloading. It also scrapes several torrent sites, giving you to look for the internet’s very famous and popular torrents sites simultaneously.

If you want to study how to install Quasar on Kodi.  If you said yes, scroll down to receive the info you need.

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Before we Proceed

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How to install Quasar for Kodi

Quasar installation in a nutshell: So, if you are going install Quasar, for begining you need to do configure Kodi, that give deleted control by programs on other systems via the settings menu. Next, you have to download the appropriate Quasar zip file for your device and open it from inside of Kodi.  Once you’ve installed the Quasar addon, the next step is to open Quasar and allow it to download Quasar Burst.  It should do this automatically.  Once you have the Quasar Burst provider, you’ll be able to use your Kodito search for and download torrent files.

After that like you have found out more information about process of installation, here’s a detailed, step-by-step view of the process.

Step #1: Allow remote access

  • First, click the gear icon.

  • Then, navigate to service settings > control.  Next, enable the following settings:
    • Allow remote control via HTTP
    • Allow remote control from applications on this system
    • Allow remote control from applications on other systems

Also, if you haven’t already enabled unknown sources you can do that by navigating togear icon > system settings > addons > unknown sources

Step #2: Download the Quasar installation file

The latest and greatest version of Quasar you can detect at Be sure to pick the installation file that matches your system.  Quasar runs on Android, Linux, Apple and Windows devices.

Note: So, if you installed not correctly version of Quasar, Kodi will generate errors when you try to run it.

A screenshot of the official Quasar website,

After that you have downloaded the Quasar installation file, just click addons from Kodi’s main menu and then click the box icon.

Next, you need to click install from zip file and then navigate to wherever you downloaded the Quasar installer.

Step #3: Wait for Quasar to install Quasar Burst

When first time you discover Quasar, it will install a provider named Quasar Burst.  After you have Quasar Burst, you’ll be able to browse and download torrents.  But if you try to use Quasar before Quasar Burst finishes installing, you’ll run into an error message.

If you wish to find out whether or not you have Quasar Burst, go to Quasar’s main menu screen and click providers.

If you don’t detect Quasar Burst in the providers menu, the auto-install may not have triggered. Restart Kodi and open up Quasar again, and you need to receive Quasar Burst.

Optional: Install Quasar Burst manually

If Quasar Burst doesn’t install automatically, you can also download the Quasar Burst zip file from

After that how you have downloaded the Quasar Burst zip file, please click addons from Kodi’s main menu and then click the box icon.

Next, you need to click install from zip file and then navigate to wherever you downloaded the Quasar Burst zip file.

Tips for using Quasar

  • If Quasar doesn’t work at first, restart your Kodi and try again.  We had to reboot Kodi a several times to receive Quasar to do on our system.
  • If you can’t detect what you want, use search.  The browsing menus don’t always work because torrents don’t always match up perfectly with content titles.  That’s why if you use seek out, you can usually pull up more results.
  • Look for popular torrents.  If many persons are downloading the file you wish, you can be able to download it faster. At the begin of each file, Quasar shows you how many seeders and leachers are in the torrent swarm.  The more, the merrier.
  • Activate more torrent sources to receive more hits.  If you right click Quasar Burst and go into its settings menu, you can turn on extra torrent sources.
If you want to receive more searching results, just open up the settings menu of Quasar Burst and activate more torrent sources.