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My sister came and visited a few times, but she seemed really uncomfortable and would suggest that we go out and do something somewhere else instead. I'm very lucky to have understanding roommates that I still live with today.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of what I dealt with.

Flat background, no way anyone could cap and edit something on there without it looking unrealistic. Waited to see if it would let up, but I was booted off cam before I could even ask my viewers if it had been fixed.

I got about an hour into my show, almost half of my usual viewers completely absent, when everyone began complaining that my audio was going in and out. Support emailed me, said that several members had reported a "male presence" in the room (the site I work for has a strict policy against it.)It didn't take long for more people to begin tweeting me, telling me that they'd heard whispering into my mic (which was built into my webcam).

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I was on for about five minutes when I actually saw it myself. I sat in silence, waiting for something to happen, too afraid to make any movement.It was far too advanced for her to be able to do much of anything about it. She went from perfectly fine to dying in a very short amount of time.My family wasn't very good at keeping me update on much of anything, so I didn't know until she barely had a month left.As the days went on, I felt increasingly uncomfortable in the apartment.I had extreme night terrors that I cannot remember to this day. After I took my bus home, I had to sell several of my belongings in order to make rent, but I wasn't worried.

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