Really cam home

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She said her lights were about to be shut off for being three months behind on her bill.

Well that right there tells me she aint got a man and she lacks sound judgment. It took some convincing, but before you knew it I had her behind the counter of the XXX pawn shopwith my dick in her mouth.

Here at the XXX Pawn Shop, we have tons of desperate chicks coming in trying to sell me crap, just cause they happen to be in a pickle.

I am a kind hearted man and that’s why even though they bring me trash I always try to cut them a deal.

This week, this chick came in to sell a set of paintball guns from a failed paintball business that her boyfriend had.

I could give two shits about some paintball guns, what I wanted from the moment she walked in was crack at that pussy.

After some insisting in my part, she agreed and off to pound town we were. Once in my office, them giant tits came out of her shirt like tsunami hitting the coast of japan.

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Since the Items they try to sell me are worth dick, that’s exactly what I give them.

Leaving her legs shaking and with a giant smile across her face. Kiley Jay stopped by the XXX Pawn store today and she was ready to pawn and begone!

Seems her ex-finance was two-timing her with her best friend. Well, now she wants to pawn this very expensive ring and go gamble on life in Vegas.

Now I ain’t no geminiologist, but after I took a closer look at the ring in my office with Kiley, I had some real bad news for her - rings fake darling.

Note to self, don’t push a dumped girl, they go crazy and destroy things. I mean heck, she don’t even know me and she’s already wrecking my office!

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