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I personally believe in only making decisions when necessary, and when I have full information to make them.

OP, if this is the same guy (and the timeline is right for that to be probable) that went out with his friends and got drunk then stood you up AND the same guy that you gave a hand job to and then didn't hear from him for awhile, why in the world are you stressing about his lack of contact (though he did text and try to call) at this point?

he did say he was happy to wait if i wanted to put it off longer but i couldn't! lasted a month, 5 dates incl a sleep over before i couldn't wait any longer though!

I have been seeing a guy for just over a month and slept together a few days ago after which we spent a day together (he wanted to) playing games, eating and generally hanging out.

it was great but since i left the following i have hardly heard from him.

he was pursuing initially and has been in regular contact but the last 3 days has gone quiet aside from a call i missed from him and when i returned it (unanswered) i got a text saying he would call me the next day. i'm sure i will but my question is, what should my position on this be? it's a bit rude of him and indication he's not that interested if has nearly dropped off the radar all of a sudden and therefore give him a wide berth/take with a pinch of salt or....2.

a predictable part of the aforementioned 'male intimacy cycle/rubber band effect' and nothing to worry about so if/when i hear from him i should be upbeat and normal.

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