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Rush Limbaugh’s defenders say he never would have been investigated for prescription fraud if he weren’t a famous conservative commentator, and they’re probably right.

For one thing, it’s unlikely The National Enquirer would have been interested in the pill-popping habits of an average Joe or even an average millionaire.

Limbaugh has heaped enough hateful abuse during his alleged career and personal life that karma is just winding up to give him a well deserved kick him in the ‘nads.

Rackjite append um: I drew this cartoon in 1993 24 years ago.

Does President Obama's tenure have anything to do with violence on school buses?

Rather, he calls attention to instances of people -- usually black people -- engaging in culturally sanctioned uses of "nigga" because it affords an opportunity: it's a perfect setup to (a) use the world and violate the taboo; (b) trigger criticism; (c) call the criticism unfair by claiming that he wasn't seriously declaring "nigga" an appropriate word for him to use, just drawing attention to and mocking someone else's notions.

She plays the woman, she plays whatever card she’s got.

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Calling it exploitative, irresponsible, and discrediting and odious comes closer.

Yet the talk-radio titan’s detractors also have a point when they complain that he got off with a slap on the wrist after obtaining thousands of painkillers under false pretenses, a result they find especially galling in light of his general support for the war on drugs and his specific support for incarcerating drug users.“Perhaps the only way for draconian drug laws to change,” says Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann, “is for people like Limbaugh to join other nonviolent drug offenders behind bars.”One of those nonviolent drug offenders is Richard Paey, who faced allegations remarkably similar to those against Limbaugh.

Both men suffered severe back pain for which they underwent unsuccessful surgery, and both were accused of fraudulently obtaining more narcotics than they really needed.

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