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If you lose power after an EMP, you better be ready for half a year or more of cold soup, and roving bands of ravenous former neighbors on the hunt for soup like yours. We usually don’t think too much about them, because they rarely affect us, but when they’re very big, and pointed in just the right direction…

Well that’s not so bad But when they’re very, very big, and pointed in just the right direction…

it’s a lot like the E3 component of a nuclear EMP, and can shut down the grid in much the same way.

In fact, when the first modern recorded CME struck in 1859, it zapped huge portions of the telegraph system, aka “the Victorian Internet” “Oh fiddlesticks, my chatrooms are all down.” We haven’t had one that big hit Earth since, but in 2012, there was a very near miss that could have cost the U. trillion and knocked out huge transformers that would take years to repair.

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The most of our worries Now of course, some folks might rightly point out that the recent rhetoric and evidence of ICBM tests from North Korea represent exactly the kind doomsday scenario we’re describing here and oh lordy I’m getting panicky again.You might say electronics stored in a Faraday cage are the Army Rations of the gadget world.You could try mounting a Faraday cage around your solar equipment, but again, if it’s plugged in, that’s not going to stop an E3 pulse from frying your circuit boards.They even make it easy to plug batteries in to get you through the day after the grid goes down.carol_danny We used to have a local adult video store that had video booths in the back and that had Glory Holes.

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