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While preparing to fly to Siberia to pick up Heavy, she finds out that Scout and Spy have both been arrested and are set to be hanged for their crimes of vandalism against Teufort.

Putting the flight to Siberia on hold, Miss Pauling drives the team to Teufort to rescue Scout and Spy.

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Despite her boss's stern demeanor, Miss Pauling insists the Administrator is "not so bad when you get to know her". sometimes we just talk..." It has been shown that the Scout has taken a romantic interest in Miss Pauling, which she tries to completely ignore.

Miss Pauling wants to hear how the Soldier became a public defender, and the Spy dismisses it with a reminder that a magician is the Soldier's roommate.

She asks the Spy to ensure their problems don't escalate, the Spy assures her as he watches the Soldier punching an angry father.

Miss Pauling emphasizes to them that it is not just a fight for Mann Co. Along with the RED team, Miss Pauling discusses the latest defense job against the robots in a dark room in Coal Town. After some shenanigans which involve keeping the Soldier thinking that all of his teammates are American, he mentions the eagles that raised Gray Mann, something that only Miss Pauling and the Administrator should know, thus cluing to Miss Pauling that he may be telling the truth.

The Soldier reveals that he used his cardboard robot costume to sneak into Gray's facility and eavesdrop on their plans.

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