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The Sax Man is the son of Maurice Reedus, Sr., a grammy-winning musician who played tenor saxophone in the late Robert Lockwood, Jr.'s legendary blues band for 35 years.

The son emulated his father, according to Reedus-Sanders, and sought his approval.

Rather than being crafted by skilled, specialized smiths, saxes were probably made by local smiths.

Blades tended to be heavier and thicker than sword blades.

A highlight of his life was the 2014 documentary film "The Sax Man," which played at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

It recounted his life as a professional musician, and how he took his playing to the streets.

Sax also developed the saxotromba family, valved brass instruments with narrower bore than the saxhorns, in 1845, though they survived only briefly.

The saxhorn also laid the groundwork for the modern euphonium.

The back edge of the sax blade shown above is nearly 8mm thick (3/8 in).

However, not all sax blades were crudely fabricated.

A detail from a historical pattern welded sax blade is shown to the left.

The same kind of pattern welding as seen in the reproduction blade above is visible in this historical blade.

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