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They are often very intelligent, but its character is often undervalued because of its reserved behavior toward its master and toward strangers.

Though they do bond very strongly with their own "pack" members.

I did not anticipate that I would end up treating such a large number of dogs presenting with clinical signs consistent with marijuana (cannabis sativa) consumption.

As the sale of medical marijuana is legal in many California cities, dispensaries provide human patients with smokable or edible products.

You will have to see our size guide to get your hounds size correct as they can vary so much.

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And the width is completely up to you - the most exciting collar we have made so far was 5/8" to 3" Pirate collar for a lady in the USA.” Her husband laughed when he saw it, but once it had been on the dog for a while he asked her to come and find us at Crufts…to thank us for the great collar…buy the matching lead!Hand in hand with their everyday hardiness goes their wonderful colourways..Like all our hound collars you can chose whatever dimensions you would prefer as they are made in our own workshops in England, we offer a bespoke service allowing you to have any colourway made in any size or width..

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