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'Questions of science do not speak as loud as the heart', after a seperation realising that logic cannot be applied to everything and that he is feeling emotion instead and ignoring the logic.Obviously he wants to try again now he realises his mistake.- Neil, Birmingham, United States"I think Neil hit the nail directly on the head!When me and my ex broke up I listened to Pandora a lot. I wasn't sure what it meant (cause I am a true believer in signs).Now after two month of hearing this song I finally know what it means. I first heard this through Chipotle's commercials last year when they were using Willie Nelson's cover on it, which is also found on his album last year titled 'Heroes'.:)Honestly, I don't think this song is about anything at all.At the same time, I'm sure this song is everything I've ever wanted to say and couldn't.I honestly like both Coldplay's and Willie's version of the song.

My father struggled with drug addiction to the point of sobering up just for special occasions.He managed to pay me for his tux and he walked me down the isle. I love him and I'm so happy to say he is sober today and the man I knew when I was a young girl.He asked me when we were dancing and I was complaining about being about how long the song was, "why did you pick such a long song".Not sure what this means but maybe he was going back and changing what she did the first time so she wouldn't fly thru the windshield, because she puts the seatbelt back on. So yea Chris had to learn to sing backwards, but accurately for only the closeup portions to his face in the video.In fact, at the very beginning, it isn't in backwards at all, he is lipsinking normally.

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    Looks like Kris Jenner is officially no longer a single lady!