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All the news that caters to hackers, tech enthusiasts, geeks, Entrepreneurs, and Startups enthusiasts is available on the News Y Combinator channel.

The popularity of the news item is judged by the points.

You need to register an account before you can submit a story, comment on a story or even upvote a story.

You can comment on a story to participate in the discussions regarding that certain story and express your opinion regarding that specific matter.

From the latest and greatest in tech to the most amazing games, Product Hunt delivers the best of everything.

Each user can submit a story by utilizing the submit button on the top.From Internet world to technology sector, entertainment, cool inventions, politics and the most celebrated AMAs of famous personalities is what drives Reddit a huge audience.Also, being anonymous helps everyone have free discussions on hundreds of different topics.There are no flashy signs, no side bars, and no widgets at all.All you get is simple news from around the world related to technology.

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