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Ngozi is the church girl who works for a nongovernmental organization and purses her lips at too much talk about the male anatomy.

And Sade is Samantha, with condoms spilling from the designer handbags that her rich, married boyfriend buys for her.

The women spend an enormous amount of time sipping cocktails in dimly lit restaurants as they chat about rolling power outages, good condom etiquette and men who expect them to leave their jobs and make fufu all day.

But the show’s creator, Nicole Amarteifio, who moved from Ghana to New York and then back again, is also presenting an unseen side of culture on a continent that is usually depicted with footage of war, famine and poverty. Instead, “An African City” struts into the lives of well-off African women.

The five women are all “returnees,” the children of families who left Ghana for the West and then came home with so-called “returnee savior syndrome.” The phrase “to whom much is given, much is required” could be their unofficial motto, as it frames their interactions and challenges their way of thinking.The women are as free and liberal about sex as their American HBO foremothers, with the exception of the fifth character, Ngozi, who is such a Charlotte.The women fit perfectly into Carrie- or Miranda-type boxes.Nana Yaa, the main character, is a radio journalist who ponders existential dating questions in voice-overs throughout the show.Zainab and Makena both function as a Miranda — fiercely independent and all about their business.

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