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That’s until I see one like Christian Hopland’s example… Well this isn’t your ordinary GT-R – it’s one of the 750 V-spec II Nürs that were built at the very end of the Skyline’s production in 2002.

This, to put it in broad terms, is the The V-spec II Nür is already a bit of a rarity in Japan, and when pristine examples come up for sale they usually attract a lot more money than what they cost when Nissan sold them new 12 years ago.

So you can understand my surprise when I saw this particular car lining up at the Gatebil registration on the Thursday afternoon before the event.

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And if the rarity factor wasn’t enough alone, this car also sports a long list of very well selected upgrades.

He decided to build upon the Nismo theme by fitting a Z-tune front bumper and the Z-tune vented front fenders.

Being slightly wider than the original items, the additions also opened up extra room to fit a wider set of wheels.

And if you go further back in his car history, you’ll also find an orange BMW E30 M3 with Jägermeister livery.

The GT-R fits in rather well – a great progression if you will – and one that Christian was having a ton of fun enjoying out on track.

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