SportsDevil Addon for Kodi – How to Install Guide

Living in the time when Kodi App go offline, we have nothing to do but to check available and popular App like SportsDevil. We have checked and confirmed that SportsDevil is still available, however it has received some changes in installation. It is not a secret that there are some similar sports App on Kodi with the same name as SportsDevil. The SportsDevil addon Kodi is still popular among for Kodi clients for some years. In this guide you will find out how to install Kodi SportsDevil and we will outline what you will face when open the addon for the first time.

Update 7/17/2017: The latest SportsDevil version is NL15. You will have to get it downloaded with a help of Media Fire service. We did not forget about showing the installation methods below. We have also added some information about installation methods of repositories which will help you with working on addons.

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1 Before we Proceed

The best way to use Kodi safely is to switch on VPN. Kodi users sometimes can receive copyright infringement papers for streaming through various Apps, so you have to be secured and prepared. If you like staying in privacy, we recommend to use VPN connection – it guarantees 100% privacy for Kodi users. It’s worth noting but a purchasing of 12 month subscription and getting two months free .

2 Looking for a SportsDevil Alternatives? Try FuboTV

SportsDevil deserves to be named as the most popular sports App, even despite the fact that it exists in the shade. If you’re looking for an unquestionably legal and safe option, you may want to consider FuboTV. FuboTV is a cord-cutters streaming service offering up dozens of channels for a low monthly cost. The best part of FuboTV is that it’s the only high-quality streaming service that focuses specifically on sports. Whereas similar services limit your sports options, the basic subscription for FuboTV has over a dozen sports channels, including popular options such as Fox Sports, ESPN, beIN Sports and NBA TV.

3 SportsDevil Kodi Addon Installation Guide

You can install and update SportsDevil on Kodi in different ways. The first and best method is to download the zip file directly. The best alternative methods to this are to install the file from a linked repository. We’ve explained how to do both below.

3.1 Best Option: Direct Download

To download and install SportsDevil, do the following:

  • Download the SportsDevil zip file by opening a new tab and pasting in the following address:
  • Go to the Addons tab from the home screen.
  • Click on My App
  • Highlight and select the ellipses (…) at the top
  • Select Install from zip
  • Locate your installed file,
  • Your addon will install, with a popup message displaying on the top right. You can find the addonfrom your home screen under Addons > Video App

3.2 Option 2: Smash Repository

The Smash repo has received the same version of SportsDevil, but still it has not got the latest version available above. The version in Smash still works, however.

Click here to learn how to install the Smash Repository on Kodi.

After completing Smash Repo go straight to Addons > Package Symbol > Install from repository > Smash Repository > SportsDevil

Currently, this Repository is considered by Kodi to be updated to the newer version, if we compare how the version numbers are written. This means if you installed the version from the Media Fire download through the zip file, Kodi might try to automatically update to the Smash version. To keep this from occurring, turn off automatic updates on your Kodi.

You can turn off automatic updates by doing the following:

  • From your Kodi home page, go to Addons
  • Go to Settings (gear symbol on the top left)
  • Click on Updates on the right and change to either Never check for updates or Notify, but don’t install updates

4 A Word on VPNs and Sports App

You have probably heard of VPN benefits, so we will mention them here. However, having your connection encrypted is extremely important if you want to keep what you stream on Kodiprivate. The encryption provided by a virtual private network has several benefits, including the ability to spoof your virtual location. This is especially important for users in places like the UK, where SportsDevil the SportsDevil Kodi addon is most likely blocked on a national level. UK ISPs are increasingly working with the government to shut down access to sports streams. We suggest as our go-to solution for enhancing the Kodi experience. Its award-winning services are a favorite among Kodi users for a reason. It just works.

5 SportsDevil: Benefits and Limitations

Actually there is nothing to say much about SportsDevil Kodi addon. What is does is provide you access to several streaming websites and links. As such, SportsDevil is not so much a streaming addon as it is a streaming options aggregator. This is also where the biggest problems with SportsDevil occur.

Kodi provides with a great number of streams and channels. However, most of the streaming categories do nothing more than just connect you to the same channels. For example, searching under the “Sports TV” section gives you around 10 links to different streaming sites. Each one contains the same channels: A smorgasbord of Sky Sports, BT Sports, and a load of other channels from American to South American to European. While the channel offerings are indeed impressive, that the add-on simply provides multiple avenues to the same content is a bit disappointing.

SportsDevil is seriously limited with its functionality. Far too often, it just…does not work. There are several reasons for this, but many users will often run into a dreaded “No StreamAvailable” message. And no, simply switching to a different streaming option does not always fix the problem. One reason for this has been noted as the links changing on the back end, making the internal links within the add-on nonfunctioning. This often happens when the SportsDevil developers update the application. Unfortunately, this cannot always be fixed.

6 SportsDevil Kodi Addon Alternatives

SportsDevil knows how to make streams and channels work and that is the main advantage of this addon. If it’s not working, you could certainly troubleshoot it. However, the options it provides are also available on different liveTV streaming App. In general, it’s a good idea for Kodi users who turn to App for streaming purposes to have multiple App handy, just in case different App go down. As the community learned in June 2017, App disappearing can completely throw your streaming options into chaos.

Here are a few excellent SportsDevil alternatives you may want to consider:

6.1 cCloud TV

Click here to access our cCloud TV installation guide.

If yiu still do not have cCloud installed, go just right to the official source and get it.  cCloud TV has thousands of live TV channels available in its coffers, most of which have multiple sources to draw from. We’ve also found that the quality of cCloud TV’s streams isabsolutely top-notch when compared to other streaming sources. cCloud TV also has some interesting features that make it unique among other live TV streaming options, such as a section that indicates the addon’s server status. You’ll know if the addon is working without having to go from stream tostream only to find countless dead links. cCloud TV also has some options for on-demand film and TV streaming.

6.2 Made in Canada IPTV

How to Install Kodi SportsDevil

Click here to access our Made in Canada IPTV installation guide.

Don’t let the name trick you. Made in Canada IPTV certainly, focuses on Canadian content, but also offers a healthy mix of US and UK content as well. Made in Canada IPTV also has a section that catalogs its sports streams to make the process of finding those particular streams just a bit faster. However, you can look for sports streams specific for each of the three countries this addon focuses on by going to their individual sections.

6.3 Goodfellas 2.0

sportsdevil addon kodi

Click here access our Goodfellas 2.0 installation guide.

Goodfellas is turning back to life in its last version. This addon recently went offline but has since come back online during our most recent reliability check (updated 6/22/2017). You’ll find that the Goodfellas 2.0 addonoffers up the same content, and perhaps more, than the SportsDevil Kodi addon. Goodfellas 2.0 ishighly popular and regularly supported, so you can expect it to stay relevant for the time being.

You can check your addons here on the Best Live TV Kodi App. You’ll find a handful of additional options that you might want to consider alongside those listed above. Keep in mind that App do come and go. We’ll try to keep you updated on the status of these, and other App. Feel free to leave a comment below if you find any issues with SportsDevil or any other addon listed here.