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Bea Segura | Pau Ros Photography | Facebook Event Book Tickets Joined by Sami artists, activists and musicians, explored contemporary Sámi culture, a growing awareness of Sámi first nation culture across the Nordic countries and the complexities of these relationships and their impact on the cultural and environmental landscape today.Finnish Sámi musician Hildá Länsman from Utsjoki and musician & Helsinki-based sound designer Tuomas Norvio created ethereal soundscapes over thick and sampled electronic beats. Complete harmony is impossible for me without my second half - a man. Unfortunately, the present situation in Russia doesn't let hope for it, in Russia you can't be sure in tomorrow. I want some happiness, prosperity and stability for my future family.Join artists, filmmakers and academics in conversation, featuring Barcelona-born actor Bea Segura, theatre director Mario Gas, photographer Pau Ros and Professor Duncan Wheeler, Chair of Spanish Studies at the University of Leeds.Plus there will be award-winning short films and music.My name is Elena, I am a brown eyed Brunette from St. I prefer to wear trendy, stylish or elegant and feminine type of clothes. What I can tell about myself - I can be gentle and soft and at the same time strong and tough. I am looking for a man from some other country, not Russia, I would like to move to the warm countries.

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We investigate what Europe means and what it means to be European.

Together with Italian chef and cookery expert Silvia Nacamulli and Tallinn-born food writer and anthropologist Katrina Kollegaeva, we explored heritage, recipes and food stories.

We also tasted the delicious food our fantastic chefs prepared.

Our in-house accordion and fiddle duo, Josh Middleton and Favid Lasserson, brought us live Parisian hot-club jazz and East European klezmer music.

In partnership with the Czech Centre London, our March café honoured the remarkable bravery and tenacity of Czech Radio and its journalists throughout the Prague Spring of 1968, and particularly during the Soviet invasion that ended it in August of that year.

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