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In this situation, the flagger would stop the traffic in this lane while the other lane flows free.When the lane is opened again, the flagger allows the traffic to proceed in their normal lane.To inform road users to stop, the flagger shall hold the flashlight with the left arm extended and pointed down toward the ground, and then shall slowly wave the flashlight in front of the body in a slow arc from left to right so that the arc reaches no farther than 45 degrees from vertical. To inform road users to proceed, the flagger shall point the flashlight at the vehicle’s bumper, slowly aim the flashlight toward the open lane, then hold the flashlight in that position. When required, flaggers shall be equipped with a portable, two-way, FCC approved communication system.The two flaggers must be able to see each other or be equipped with an appropriate communication device.If flashing lights are used on the STOP/SLOW paddle, the flash rate shall be at least 50, but not more than 60, flashes per minute.When flags are used in emergency situations, they shall be red or fluorescent orange/red in color, shall be a minimum of 24 in.Flaggers should be able to satisfactorily demonstrate the following abilities: C.

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If flashing lights are used on the STOP face of the paddle, their colors shall be all white or all red.You should only stand in the lane being used by traffic after traffic has stopped. Make sure you are visible, not standing where the sun or a shadow makes it hard to see you. What are some of the things that might hide you from the driver’s sight? A single flagger may also be used for short-term, single lane closures.An example would be a truck depositing material off the edge of the roadway.After stopped traffic is allowed to proceed, the flagger should turn the STOP/SLOW paddle parallel to the flagger so that no message is displayed to either direction of traffic.When two flaggers are required, lines of communication must be established prior to the start of flagging operations.

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