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If you are running your cluster on GCE or Google Kubernetes Engine, simply use the full image name (e.g. All pods in a cluster will have read access to images in this registry.

The kubelet will authenticate to GCR using the instance’s Google service account.

Pods can only reference image pull secrets in their own namespace, so this process needs to be done one time per namespace.

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These instructions assume the azure-cli command line tool.If you want to rely on pre-pulled images as a substitute for registry authentication, you must ensure all nodes in the cluster have the same pre-pulled images.This can be used to preload certain images for speed or as an alternative to authenticating to a private registry.All pods will have read access to any pre-pulled images.Note: This approach is currently the recommended approach for Google Kubernetes Engine, GCE, and any cloud-providers where node creation is automated.

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