Thunderbird rss not updating

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:-) The RSS/Atom standards don't have ways to query older RSS articles. The service daily polls it's catalog of RSS feeds, and caches the articles.I'm also working on a RSS reader and decided to build my own RSS archival service (https://center). Then, you can get these articles back in a chronological order.n=1000 I don't want to make my application dependent on Google Reader. RSS/Atom feeds does not allow for historic information to be retrieved.It is up to the publisher of the feed to provide it if they want such as in the blogger or wordpress examples you gave above.How do I get the items in a feed, and not just the most recent ones?The only solution I could find was using the "unofficial" Google Reader API, which would be something like start-index=1&max-results=1000", and on Word Press I can do "? Is there any general way to fetch an RSS feed so that it gives me everything, and not just the most recent items?In my experience with RSS, the feed is compiled by the last X items where X is a variable.Certain Feeds may have the full list, but for bandwidth sake most places are likely limiting to just the last few items.

And, of course, the warnings fail to mention some very viable alternatives that don’t involve Microsoft.

Is the attached really true and how can I keep all my emails in hotmail on my PC and work with those when I am off line?

I also store all my emails on my PC in WLM as well as have many groups created for my bulk mail-outs.

The likely answer for google reader having the old info, is that it is storing it on its side for users later.

Further to what David Dean said the RSS/Atom feeds will only contain what the publisher of the feed has up at that moment and someone would need to be actively collecting this informaton in order to have any historical information.

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