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At the end of the day, after washing all my makeup off, taking out my clip-in hair extensions, I realized it wasn't enough for me. I then realized I was not a boy and, in fact, I was a girl.

I told them I was gay when I was 14, and at the time I thought I was, because I was attracted to men.

I am very fortunate to have accepting parents, unlike a lot of other kids in the LGBT community. They've stuck by my side, and until this day they are still accepting. I was 14, and my boyfriend at the time was 16, and we were in the movie theater, and he asked me if I've ever done anything naughty in the movies before, and I said, "No." We were watching , or we were supposed to be.

He leaned in for a kiss, and he stuck his tongue in my mouth, and I accidentally bit it! I felt so bad afterwards and tried to kiss him again.

Around age 16 I was battling severe clinical depression and started going to therapy for it.

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As time passed I started feeling more and more like a girl but never really thought anything of it.

He told me that he would not tell my mom, and I should tell her when I was ready.

Eventually she caught on when my father was acting "strange" and confronted me about it, and I told her.

A few weeks ago, I asked Madison if she would open up about the intimate details of her sex life, her struggles, and what it was like growing up trans. I'm a 19-year-old transsexual who resides in rural West Texas.

She revealed both titillating secrets and sweet dreams for her future. I grew up in a really small, conservative town, went to a really small school where everyone knew everything about everyone. I've always felt different ever since I was a young boy playing with my sister's Barbies -- which was about age 3 or 4.

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