Updating cod4 server

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The Assassin is focused on stealth combat while the Marksman is focused on long range combat. For a fee you can reset all your Skillpoints and spend them in another one, however you will not get another set of weapons. 7) Yes, all gametypes will now give you your selected starting loadout, your abilities, etc. Anything else that changes, related to the classes?At Prestige ten and twenty you will unlock a second and third Skilltree to spend Skillpoints in, however only one can be active. 8) Actually yes, I'm probably going to change the weapons again, to give a more balanced count for each class. :( 9) Of course that is not it, it's just what I can tell more or less for sure. I am going to change the weapons again, even though hopefully not to much there might be changes to the starting weapons for each class.

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answer my own question, the appdata pb files seems to be built from the files in the game directory pb folder.

I deleted the appdata folder and then extracted the pbbans files into the game directory.

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