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Note that several states have financial aid programs with limited funds and therefore have a deadline of "as soon as possible [after the FAFSA form becomes available]." Some programs other than government or school aid require that you fill out and submit the FAFSA form.

For instance, you can’t get certain private scholarships unless you’re eligible for a Federal Pell Grant—and you can’t find out whether you’re eligible for a Pell Grant unless you fill out and submit the FAFSA form.

The school removed from the list will not have automatic access to any new information you provide after you’ve removed that school.

Top Note: Tax return information you transfer via the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool cannot be changed on your online FAFSA form.

If you submitted a 2018-2019 FAFSA before completing your 2016 tax return here's what you must do to update your information.If you exited the FAFSA before completing the TAP application – and you filled in your New York State address and a New York State college on the FAFSA – HESC will automatically receive your information in about three days. At the beginning of the online TAP application, you will be prompted to create a HESC-specific user name and personal identification number called a Hesc PIN.HESC will then send you an email or postcard with directions to complete the TAP application online. You will use your Hesc PIN when "signing" your TAP application and when accessing your HESC account information in the future. You should speak to the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend if there will be a significant change in your or your parent’s income for the present year or if your family has other circumstances that cannot be reported on the FAFSA form.You may update your mailing address, email address, and other contact information if it has changed.

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