Updating rubygems nothing to update

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This simple update illustrates the process; however, you can make much more complex changes to the files and packages that are deployed to your Amazon EC2 instances.For example, you might decide that you need to add My SQL to the instance, along with PHP support for My SQL.Cocoa Pods will resolve dependencies between libraries, fetch the resulting source code, then link it together in an Xcode workspace to build your project.Ultimately the goal is to improve discoverability of, and engagement in, third party open-source libraries by creating a more centralised ecosystem.The template enables and configures the cfn-hup daemon to listen for changes to the configuration defined in the metadata for the Amazon EC2 instance.By using the cfn-hup daemon, you can update application software, such as the version of Apache or PHP, or you can update the PHP application file itself from AWS Cloud Formation.

We will walk through the following steps: We'll begin by creating a stack that we can use throughout the rest of this section.We have provided a simple template that launches a single instance PHP web application hosted on the Apache Web Server and running on an Amazon Linux AMI.The Apache Web Server, PHP, and the simple PHP application are all installed by the AWS Cloud Formation helper scripts that are installed by default on the Amazon Linux AMI.For more information, see Updating Auto Scaling Groups.For the purposes of this example, we’ll use the AWS Management Console to create an initial stack from the sample template.

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