Updating truecrypt

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(If File Date/File Size option in log settings is enabled, these information will be shown/written) Specify "Full Speed", "Auto Slow"(*1), "90%"~"10%", "Suspend".

If you feel it is hogging resources, it is recommended to set to "Auto Slow" (If it detects mouse moving/active window changing (and Fast Copy window is not foreground), it is slowed down).

If other already running Fast Copy uses the same physical HDD, Fast Copy will wait for finishing the previous Fast Copy. S It requires administrator privilege to create Symlink Normally move behavior is "All file copy has copied (or move files list is full), and remove copied source files are removed in bulk)".

This option changes the behavior to "a file has copied, and remove copied source file"Specify tolerance timestamp difference as same date in Diff(Date/Size) or Diff(Newer).

- With pushing Shift(and if filelog is enabled), write listing contents to filelog.

(Buffer size is required more than twice value of Max I/O Size) Settings of physical drive group (*1) Fast Copy detects physical drive group automatically.

But in the some situation(RAID, True Crypt or etc), it can not detect automatically and it requires manual settings.

If C: and D: are the same physical HDD, and E: and F: are the same, please specify "CD, EF" If you use UNC path, you can two ways that assign drive letter for UNC or specifying set decision policy in the following.

(*1) If Parallel Read/Write are issued in the same physical HDD, it will be slow because many HDD head seeks will occur.

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