Updating xps project device settings failed

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I then used IMAGING programs to clone the C: to the SSD. Then I had to do some BIOS changes and some 'tweaking' on the SSD. Expect I was able to upgrade the original hard drive C: that I could boot.However I did get them going but I don't remember all the details, it was trial and error. Called MS and they tried for 2 hours to make it work.What is/was the difference between the 3 XPS's here?Will disk wise all 3 have an SSD for booting that holds the OS, the original hard disks remain in the system and the C: size was shrunk to match the SSD's size and the rest of the drive was used for another partition to hold data/programs, and a 2nd hard disk was installed for data and backup purposes.David It will be hardware drivers, not the disk, it's just an SSD on a SATA bus so it's standard hardware.Go to the Dell support site and enter the service tag. cheers, Paul There are no new drivers available for the 8500.

My system won't upgrade to Windows 10 - it says the update is ready, but the install fails (with a variety of error messages) and the system boots back to Win 8.1.I did start a thread on this over on Dell's support forums and a few of us have/had the SAME exact problem, all used the Paragon s/w. So I decided to image my SSD and do a clean install of W8.1 (from Dell's Recovery dvd) to the SSD.It is a LONG thread to look at with a lot of data and attempts to fix. It appears that the Paragon s/w did something in the boot procedure that caused W10's reboot not to work. I partially messed that up as the SSD is disk 1 and the old hard drive is disk 0, so part of the data on the old hard drive was overwritten for the boot process, I should have disconnect BOTH hard disks before doing this, but no real harm done other than the way to boot the old C: partition has changed now.I used Paragon Migrate to copy Win 7 to a Samsung SSD last January. Now I think Win10 tried to install itself 2 weeks ago.Of course it was the day before we left on vacation and my wife was at the PC.

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