What percentage of the population uses online dating

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The survey doesn’t say, but it provides some clues.In the two years between this Pew poll and the last, the percent of 18 to 24-year-olds who had used dating apps on their phone vaulted from five percent to 22 percent.

I say "confided" and not "told" because the way she said it — voice hushed, eyes darting to one side — made it sound like an embarrassing confession rather than just a personal detail. In fact, the vast majority of my friends seem to be meeting their girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, and fiancees online, either via a dating service like Ok Cupid or or on more traditional forms of social media, like Facebook."Since 1995, the percentage of Americans meeting their partners online has risen dramatically, and the percentage meeting through almost all of the traditional ways has fallen," authors Michael J.Rosenfeld, a professor of sociology at Stanford University, and Reuben J.In fact, there was only one place where responses differed among genders.More than half of the women surveyed said that online dating was a more dangerous way to meet people than other approaches.

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