Who am i dating

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Referring again to the chart, the pointing away from a number indicate where we tend to go in stress.Those pointing toward the number describe “how we are living when we are in a healthy place in our lives.” (109) With this in mind, it becomes clear that spaces in the Enneagram are not rigid boxes, which accounts for the uniqueness we see even among people who may share the same type.Why not slow down and live in a space, trying it on to see if it describes me?Then look at another one that might be a closer fit?It shouldn’t have surprised me then when Jeremiah 17 took a sharp curve in the road at verse nine: Who indeed, for we are many things in addition to being “deceitful,” and our inability to know ourselves fully becomes readily apparent when we take it upon ourselves to know someone else in a meaningful way.Alice Fryling offers insights on how knowledge of the Enneagram can help us in sifting the motives of our hearts by understanding our own unique temperament — and maybe that of our loved ones as well.

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However, the path back to health is Truth: truth about myself, and Truth from God (in large doses, everyday).Following the writings of the prophet Jeremiah has been a challenge this year.So far, it’s been seventeen chapters of lament tempered by steadfast faith — along with words of judgment interspersed with glorious promises of restoration.They are listed in the left sidebar by day of the week.I hope that you will take a moment to enjoy reading the work of some of these fine writers and thinkers.

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