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Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for GUESS Without a doubt, Halle Berry is one of the most stunning ladies to ever star in movies, flashing style, grace and class.

So props to actor Olivier Martinez who locked her up in 2013.

But the truth is, Kimmel married one of his writers, Molly Mc Nearney, back in 2013.

Odds are, these two are quite the comedic duo together.

You know her as: Karen Walker from "Will and Grace"You know him as: Ron Swanson in "Parks and Recreation"Nick Offerman met Megan Mulally while acting in The Berlin Circle. You know her as: Sookie Stackhouse In "True Blood".

She also played Rogue in "The Member of the Wedding"You know him as: Bill Compton in "True Blood"They married in 2010 in California. You know her as: Ally Mc Beal You know him as: Han Solo in the original "Star Wars"They had been in a relationship since their meeting in 2002.

Christina Hendricks said they had no plan to have children.She works odd jobs, including one as a babysitter to two spoiled brats.A Russian friend informs her of a job paying ,000 just to attend a private party and blend in while looking pretty in a black mini skirt. There is no way to describe it without spoiling the movie and so I won't. The acting is good and it only runs eighty minutes.He has short, mousy hair and the features of a reformed hardnut; he resembles a gentler Tim Roth, one who would not steal your dinner money.At his side, a mobile phone clamped to her ear, is his wife, the actress Emily Mortimer.

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