Who is julia sawalha dating

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Julia opened up about her relationship with 30-year-old sound engineer Luke Hollingworth on This Morning, admitting she ‘didn’t see it coming.’ She told Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: ‘The sound guy, yes.

I didn’t see it coming and we were just great friends and it just went from there, which is great.’ While on the show, Julia even revealed to once having a crush on presenter Philip.

She told him: ‘I think you’re rocking the silver fox look really well.’ Although Julia admitted that the age gap between her and Luke did take some getting used too, she now loves her life with her new man.

She told the Mirror: ‘The age gap took a while to get my head around but he’s so emotionally mature he helps me be more relaxed.

In spite of her success, the moments of self-doubt still crop up. My dad [the actor Nadim Sawalha] always says it's the self-management in between jobs that's important. She believes in her horoscope ("I think I'm very like a Virgo because I'm sort of a virgin as well as a kind of wild woman") and talks about Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose teachings she has followed for years.

"You always think every job is the last job you'll ever do. When I'm not working I go to flamenco classes and I'm going to start learning belly-dancing in September. 'His philosophy is to negate the power of thought and negate the ego so you're not thinking about yourself all the time.

The new couple made their red carpet debut at the Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie premiere on Wednesday evening, and they looked completely loved up.

The 47-year-old actress, best known for playing the sensible, no-nonsense Saffron Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous, revealed that she is now dating a man 17 years her junior.

Greenpeace know that I'm there and they can just phone me and ask me to do anything and I'll do it." But she says that if she hadn't acted she would have liked to be an archaeologist.

"It's not so much that I'd like to play a raunchy character, but I would like to play someone my own age. And then I start getting really frustrated and then the jobs come up, thank God." At the moment Sawalha, who left school at 15 with one O-level, is reading a book on Elizabeth I. Sometimes if I'm in a group of people who are very well-educated then it's difficult, but I'm not shy of asking questions in a group if I don't know what something means." If the dry spells in acting ever became permanent, she says she would turn her hand to writing. "Yeah, that was a very heavy thing and an awful shock for my dad," she says. We used to come back to the hotel from work every day and we'd all get very nicely drunk and have a great time, and I just think they thought, 'Let's get back at them.' It could have just been a sick practical joke with no motive behind it. A lot of people wanted her to play the grieving widow, but her way of dealing with it was to carry on working and get on with her life.

I'm always playing down, but I guess it's good because it means I've got a longer life in my acting career," she says. "I just wanted to learn about it because I didn't learn that much at school," she says. It made me very protective of her." At times, Sawalha can come across as quite a bohemian - more like Edina than Saffy in fact, though obviously not quite as extreme.

Across the room, Julia Sawalha is having her picture taken.

The photographer asks her to "give us that lovely smile again". This ever-so-slightly riotous woman is not quite the Julia Sawalha I expected.

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